I recently got a new iPad Pro and have been having so much fun with Procreate. I used to use it often but then the iPad got older and older and ran very S L O W. It’s been a blast picking it up again and the ability to use it for very basic sketches of projects is wonderful.

I’m still using Affinity but I also still have Adobe – I found that I missed some of the video editing software so for the time being I went back to a subscription. I don’t know how long I will use it since it can be pricey and I’m mostly using the video to play around with rather than any sort of paid work (though if someone wants to offer me some paid work I’m available!) but it’s been fun.

Affinity has been very easy to learn if you already know Adobe. As I said prior it doesn’t have all of the features but it has enough that it’s a very viable alternative! I’ll be curious to see how far the company goes in the coming years.